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Did you ever travel by train from Kandy to Colombo early in the morning?

If you are a traveler the “Beyond the Sky” experience must be have once in lifetime.

What is this about?

The Kadugannawa pass is begin when you travel by train from Kandy to Colombo. After passing Kadugannawa railway station.

You can see around the area from the top of the mountain when the train travels few kilometers towards Colombo. This site is a breathtaking view with there are many clouds. And far away over the sky the Bible Rock and the Sardiyel Rock can be seen above the clouds.

as well as in the ground, the paddy-fields and the green forest is a fascinating and the few villages can be seen through the jungle.

train from kandy
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Can this be sited anytime in the day?

Of course the answer is NO!!!

This beautiful scenery can only be seen in the morning and should have take a train departed from Kandy early in the morning. The clouds are disappear with the sun rise.

Early morning train schedules from Kandy

mountain view
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There are only three trains from Kandy to Colombo early in the morning.

The very first train to Colombo is departing from Kandy railway station at 5 ‘O clock.

There is a Intercity express train to Colombo at 6.15 a.m from Kandy railway station. This is a good choice as it is not a crowded train. You can have lot of space to take photos and enjoy the view.

However there is another train leaving at 6.20 a.m. It is also a normal train and cannot be guarantee about the crowd.

above the clouds
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Is it worth to see?

Yes of course it is worth to see. This is the only hill country railroad in Sri Lanka. As well as most beautiful scenics can be seen only by travelling in this railway line.

And also there is a bonus in rainy seasons. As the railway line lies in the mountain slopes, more and more temporary waterfalls can be seen.

Yes this is the country with lots of wonders. Sri Lanka.

mountain view
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view when travelling by train
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above the clouds
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