Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds In The World

Largest dog breeds

Dogs are the most loyal and close to the humans from the animal kingdom and people are found many records in the history that dogs and humans have a close relationship as a hunter, guardian to loyal companion. From the early days to nowadays there be found many dog breeds all over the world and some of them are genetically improved for many purposes such as security dogs, fashion as well as athletics.

Some of the dog breeds are found to be larger in size, bigger jaws as well as strong large bones which can be used in hunting and as a security guard for a home. Here are the largest breeds all over the world.

1. French Mastiff

French Mastiffs also known as Douge de Bordeaux

Height : 20-23 inches

Weight: 54-62 kg

French Mastiffs also known as Douge de Bordeaux have a massive head and muscular body. Cute hanging ears and small eyes and broad nose gives a cute expression. As the other mastiff breeds like bull mastiff napolian mastiff, France is their home land. There are records over 600 years for their existent.

These dogs are very loyal to their master, protective and devoted to their family. These puppies should trained well so that they can raised as best watchdogs.

These dogs are very gentle with children and get along with the other pets in the family.

2. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees dogs are beautiful stunning white dog and have a strong thick long coat.

Height: 30-39 inches

Weight: 52-59 kg

Great Pyrenees dogs are beautiful stunning white dog and have a strong thick long coat. They are great at watch dogs for livestock and they were shepherds for centuries. Their home land is the mountains of France and Spain.

They have long thick tail and beautiful V shaped ears hand downwards also their weather resistant thick coat and beautiful white color make them stunning.

These puppies should give a train well unless they become very aggressive also this dog need a big space. So they are not good as a indoor pet.

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3. Anatolian Shepard Dog

Height: 26-31 inches

Weight: 41-68 kg

Anatolian Shepard dog is a large powerful dog breed which is native to Turkey as well as shepherds and from early times they were protectors for goats and sheep.

They have V shaped ears hanging down and their color differs from brown to amber and also This dog is very loyal to their master and very protective. Anatolian Shepard dog is very strange with outsiders and friendly with children. But should be careful as the dog breed is very large and powerful.

4. Newfoundland Dog

newfoundland dog

Height: 27-30 inches

weight: 60-70 kg

Newfoundland dog has long thick coat and mainly black in color. As their name origin of these dogs is Newfoundland. They bark very rarely and loyal to their master so can be trained very easily.

As these dogs are very intelligent they can easily identify any threats to their family as well as they are very good with kids. and they are very calm and peaceful.

Also it says that these dogs are good swimmers and early times fisherman keep these dogs as their guardian and helper in their fishing.

5. Saint Bernard

saint bernard dog

Height: 27-35 inches

Weight: 64-120 kg

Saint Bernard dogs are originated from Swiss and Italy and have a beautiful log coat with large ears hanging downwards. These dogs are mostly two tones.

Saint Bernard dogs are using as a rescue dog and can be trained easily because of that they are most friendly with humans and mostly with children. most people choose this dog as a family pet.

6. Leonberger

Leonberger dog

Height: 26-32 Inches

Weight: 45-77 kg

The Leonberger name is originated from the city Leonberg in Germany. Yes the dog Leonberger is from Germany and this breed is a crossing of Newfoundland with Saint Bernard dogs. They have a strong long thick coat as well as strong muscular body because of that these dogs have lion like appearance.

The loyalty and intelligence of these dogs are unquestionable so they can be easily trained and a well trained dog has a great patience as well as very suited for taking care of children.

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7. Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound dog

Height: 28-35 Inches

Weight: 53-84 kg

These dogs are from Ireland as their name Irish Wolfhound and they are the tallest of Sight-hound family. They grow up to 35 inches and weight about 53 to 84 kg. Early times they were used for hunting as their legs are tall and strong and they got great speed in running when hunting.

They can be trained easily as well as good watch dog. However they need exercise daily and good for family.

8. Neapolitan Mastiff

neapolitan mastiff dog

Height: 26-30 Inches

weight: 54-90 kg

Neapolitan Mastiff dogs are originated from Italy and they are early times they were used as war dogs by Romans. They were giant and truly watch dogs.

They have thin skin and flat head and large nose so they have a sad look also their coat comes with grey brown and leaden black.

Neapolian Mastiff dog need a proper training and devoted to their family as well as very intelligent watch dog. They can easily identify threats but barks very rarely.

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9. English Mastiff

english mastiff

Height: 27-32 Inches

Weight: 68-110 kg

When considering mass of the dogs, English Mastiff is the largest dog breed in the world. In 1981 the Guinness book of world records recognized a English Mastiff dog named Zorba as the heaviest and longest dog in the world. That mastiff weight 142.7 kg and height of 27 Inches.

Also the English Mastiff is the oldest breed in the world. They have square shaped head and thick coat back nose and black mask give them unique look.

These Mastiffs are very intelligent and good as a guard dog.

10. Great Dane

great dane dog

Height: 30-36 Inches

Weight: 50-90 kg

Great Dane dogs are famous for their height and the charming look. This breed can grow up to 3 feet and above. A Great Dane dog named Zeus is named as the Tallest dog by the Guinness book of world records in 2012. He was 44 Inches tall.

These creatures are very gentle and playful and also they love to be around family members. Also they are very sensitive. However these dogs can be trained as hunting dogs.

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