The Miraculous Fruit You Should Eat

In these days many of the diseases viruses as well as bacteria got more strong than the early times.

Also our immunity change every time with the diseases we viruses and bacteria that we infected.

With the changing of these viruses and bacteria the antibiotics we take as medicine also get stronger and stronger.

How ever early times our people knew that there are natural medicines that are fight with the diseases and they used to add them to their supper frequently.

The delicious fruit that fights with many diseases.

You will surprise to know that there are many medicinal plants in our environment that helps us to fight with many diseases.

Soursop or stachelannone is a fruit of annona family. It grows in tropical regions of the world. It has long, pricky green fruit.

soursop fruit

The specialty of this fruit is it kills cancer cells 1000 times more effectively than chemotherapy. However there are no side effects of eating this fruit.

It has found that the acetogenins that fights with cancer cells are rich in soursop. And also they says that soursop leaves are more potentially fights with cancer cells than the fruit and seeds.

However this fruit is very delicious and making juice out of its pulp and fiber is very popular among people. most of the south east asian countries people grow it as a garden fruit . Also there are many other uses of this.

Protecting immune system

Soursop is rich in vitamin C and so many anti oxidants. Adding Soursop to your meal as a dessert or as a beverage is good step for boosting your immune system. Rich of vitamin C helps in producing white blood cells and antioxidants helps to neutralize free radicals and prevent chronic diseases,

Helps to neutralize gastritis

The most popular natural remedy for gastritis is soursop juice. This fruit helps to clean gastrointestinal tract and removes toxins and salt from your body. And also its anti inflammatory components including alkaloids and quinolones, can reduce parasites in the gut and reduce any pain in the stomach. So it is very popular among many people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

For skin diseases

The leaf of the soursop plant is using as a natural medicine for skin diseases. The paste of the leaf helps to reduse skin lines and wrinkels and also improving appearance of age spots and blemishes. And also it improves the glowing of your skin too.

Remedy for insomnia

Soursop fruit tea is used as a stress relieving stratergy for years and its anti inflammatory properties helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress may affect your sleep as well as your metabolic system and cause to many diseases. So the soursop tea is a great natural remedy for insomnia and restless sleep.

Improves quality of breast milk

The vitamins and rich of antioxidants of the soursop fruit, it is recommended to eat soursop fruit for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. The rich of nutrients in breat milk helps the growth and health of the child.

As a energy drink

Soursop fruit beverage is a good energy drink that it contains of rich vitamins. And also as it has a good flavor, soursop drink is way better and healthier than any other soft drink.

Scientific classification
SpeciesA. muricata
Binomial NameAnnona muricata

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