Nelligala Buddhist Center | marvelous Place On Hill Top

Kandy, the heart of buddhist and the city of charm and surrounded by mountains.

With the charming and peaceful environment as well as many historical religious sites as well as many places around Kandy, travelers make Kandy as their travel destination.

With many historic places and unseen places in kandy, Nelligala Buddhist Temple holds a special place. It situated in Muruthalawa village i kandy. And about 13Km away from the Kandy city. However the road is convenient and easy to travelto the top of the mountain. There is a huge car park, so not to worry about parking. It is a modern temple build top of the nelligala mountain.

Nelligala Buddhist Center

This temple was started to build in 2014 and for today you can see the fully constructed temple there. However as per today, this temple holds a remarkable place for visitors.

Things to see at Nelligala Buddhist Center

Nelligala Buddhist center

In this temple, there a huge statues of Lord Buddha and followers. and also the chamber is very beutiful and has North Asian architecture.

At the top of the mountain, you can see the whole Kandy city. Except many mountain ranges like Hantana mountain range, Ambuluwawa religious center, you can see the highest mountain in Sri Lanka piduruthalagala mountain range. Apart from those if you see carefully you can see the Sri Pada mountain also.

around nelligala
image credit: tharanga jayawickrama

However Nelligala Buddhist Center is not an ordinary temple. It is a fast developed Buddhist center in Sri Lanka. It gain lot of local and foreign attraction in very short period of time. and also this place is situated around mountain ranges that belongs to 4 provinces. They are namely central province, Western province, North western and sabaragamuwa province. Because of that this temple holds a special geographical location.

If you visit this place on poya day, you will witness many religious activities organized by the temple. It is native to Sri Lanka and must watch.

Nelligala Buddhist center
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