10 Foods that are bad for your pet dog

dog foods

There are several foods that are harmful for your pet dog, no matter how adorable they beg as well as how much you love to give them. The food that you try to feed him may poisonous to him. Because the meal you try to feed may not harmful for you but to your pet. Because their digestive system is not   same as ours.

These are 10 foods that are not   suitable for your dog.

1. Chocolates


You may heard this several times that chocolates are not good for your dog. Chocolates contain Theobromine that does not harmful to humans but for dogs. Because of eating chocolates they may cause vomit, diarrhea and also thirsty. There also a extreme side that cause abnormal heart beat seizures and eventually death.

So it is way better that to keep those sweets away from your pet.

Save chocolates for you!

2. Milk, cheese and other dairy products.

milk and dairy

When your pet dog was in childhood age you may feed him with milk. Also when your pet is in sick, you may feed him with milk cheese yogurts etc. and also sometimes even ice creams!

However dogs are not built to process dairy products. They are lack of enzymes to break down milk sugar. Because of dairy products dogs can cause vomit, diarrhea and having gastrointestinal diseases.

Save ice creams for you!

3. Bacon and fatty meat


How did your pet dog couldn’t have bacon and fatty meat? That’s because high fat foods like bacon, ham or meat trimmings can cause pancreatitis in dogs. So don’t feed too much your dog with fatty meats and save it for your consumption.

4. Eggs Fish and Raw meat

eggs and fish

Don’t get surprised, this matter is debatable because some veterinary doctors as well as FDA say that eggs fish and raw meats are good for your dog’s health and for your pet’s growth. However in the raw meat and fish there are some bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to your pet dog. Most of the times salmonella and e.coli infections happen in the dog because of feeding raw meat. Also in raw eggs there are enzymes that can cause skin conditions.

But however cooked meat and fish are not bad for your dog. So most of the veterinary doctors recommend cooked meat and fish.

5. Salty foods


Salt can cause your pet dog sodium ion poisoning. It may cause excessive thirsty urination and also eating too much salt may cause vomiting, diarrhea high body temperature and seizures.

You may mostly feed your dog with popcorn, that contains too much of salt. so keep in mind that too much salty foods may fatal to your pet.

6. Sugary foods


As well as for humans sugary foods are bad for you pet dog. The reasons are same as for us. Eating more sugar cause dental issues, obesity and most dangerously diabetes. So keep away sugar contained foods from your dog. As well as from you!

7. Onions and Garlic

onions and garlic

Onions and Garlic may ingredients for your dog’s meal. But think twice before your pet dog lick up all onions and garlic from the food. Foods that belongs to Allium family – garlic, onions leeks contain N-propyl disulfide that can cause hemoglobin which are carrying substance in the red blood cells. Large dose of these foods may cause vomiting, breathlessness and also anemia.

8. sweets

sweets not for your pet dog

Most of the sweets like candy, gum, peanut butter contains a substance called xylitol which is harmful to your pet dog. This substance cause insulin surge through your dog’s body that can lead to drop of blood sugar and liver failure. So it is recommend that to check whether the sweet you buy contains xylitol before feed your dog. unless keep the sweets for you!

9. Grapes and raisins

grapes and raisins

grapes and raisins is another food that not allowed for your pet dog. Grapes and raisins are cause to renal failure in dogs that may cause to shutdown kidney and eventually death.

How ever some dogs did not show any toxicity to grapes and raisins and some are affected, the reason is still studying. so it is vice to avoid giving these foods to your pet dog.

10. Yeast dough

yeast dough not good for your pet dog

Yeast dough may raise gas in your pet dog ‘s digestive system and this can be painful and can cause stomach bloat. And also this yeast produce ethanol as a bi-product and your dog may cause alcohol poisoning.

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